What is one of the best things you can do while having holiday? Yes, spending your days at Pulau Tiga! This is one of the best places to relax and enjoy sun, sea and beach at the same time.
The drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Penyu takes about 2 hours by car. Arriving at the jetty, you will have to take a boat before you can reach Pulau Tiga. After 30 minutes by boat we arrived at our destination!


Our first impressions of the island were already good; what a beautiful and tropical island! We definitely will have fun here! We knew there were some mud volcanoes at the island, and of course those should be tested first. After a walk of 1km we reached the mud volcano. However, then the real challenge came; who is going to get in first? After some time, we all got in the mud. It was a funny and strange feeling to be automatically floating and it was a little dirty because of the twigs and leaves in the mud. But one advantage; our skin was very soft afterwards, so it was worth to try.

After enjoying the mud, it was time to get clean again. Walking back to the ocean, as four muddy persons, should have been funny for other people. However, it was our only option to get some deep cleaning in the sea. After being clean and mud free, we enjoyed the sun, beach and sea. It was very relaxing to get a little bit tanned and to swim in the sea. Moreover, the weather at the island was wonderful; a lot of sun and some wind, which is the perfect combination because it was not too hot.

Our meals were arranged by the island. How good is that, to get your dinner served after such a relaxing day?! But be aware of the monkeys, also they like the food really much and will try to steal it as much as possible! It is better to enjoy your food yourself instead of sharing it ;).

At the end of the day, we got the change to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Because it was not crowded at all at the island, we were able to take some beautiful pictures and to enjoy the sunset just by ourselves, without almost no other tourists. We can say that this “picture” was almost up to perfect!


We started the next day slowly with our breakfast. We had some time, because the boat picked us up at 10.30 hrs for our tour. First we visited two islands. The first one is “Snake Island”, an island that seems a little bit spooky and where snakes can be seen. Unfortunately we did not spot the snakes.. The second island was a sandpit. A beautiful white beach together with a very blue sea; it is wonderful! After taking some pictures, we continued our boat trip to a coral spot at the sea. Here we could go out of the boat to enjoy some snorkeling. It was so beautiful; a lot of untouched coral and fishes could be seen. Even Nemo was there! The underwater world is such a pretty world to be a victim of.

After a while we had to go back again to Pulau Tiga, but what a beautiful experience!
After the tour we went back to the island to eat our lunch, to pack our bags and to relax the last hour at Pulau Tiga. Unfortunately (and too soon) the boat came to pick us up again from the island, to transfer us to the main country. That was the end of a wonderful and relaxing trip at Pulau Tiga! A beautiful destination to spend your holidays!