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Booking Conditions & Website Use

Yes, a lot of words hereunder, but we have to make sure that we understand each other well. After all, you pay us money and trust us to give you a great travel experience, which is exactly what we want too!

So please make sure we understand each other well to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

About your booking

To make a booking, please complete and submit the booking form on our website. We need accurate details from you. If you book a tour with more people, decide who will be the point of contact, the ‘’leader’’. He or she should be the first person named on the booking form and should be over 18 years of age. All others in the party have authorized the ‘’leader’’ to make the booking and ensure payment. 

The booking is a direct contract between you and the local tour operator company in the country where your tour starts. Your payment(s) will be collected by the foundation Stichting 12GoSafe and kept in trust by that foundation till the last day of your tour, at which date the company is paid.

You will need to pay a deposit at the time of booking, which is 200 euros per person or the equivalent in another currency if a. your booking is made more than two months ahead of your arrival and b. the price is equivalent to or above those amounts, c. your booking is not a promotion. If the invoice is less than these figures per person, we ask you to pay the booking in one go upon receipt. A 100% of the travel sum is always payable if you book the tour within two months of your arrival or if your tour is a promotion. Please understand that we quite often need to prepay the hotels ourselves. The outstanding balance needs to be paid and on our bank account one month prior to your arrival at destination. We will send you a reminder of this, don’t worry. However, if you do not pay as per the instruction, we will assume you cancelled. 

We will send you a booking confirmation and a payment receipt after you made the booking and the payment. The deposit is non-refundable in case you cancel. If you pay up 100%, we will return you the travel sum minus 200 euros or the equivalent in case you cancel until two weeks before your arrival, minus 100% of the cost of local air, train, boat or bus fares included in the trip. If you cancel two weeks or less before your arrival or during the tour, no refund is available. Of course if only one of you cancels, that will not affect the whole booking. The rule only applies to your part of the booking, but a calculation of increased cost for the rest of the party (like a double room booked, now for one person) might increase the cancellation costs. 

Booking a guaranteed departure group tour

Most groups that are offered on the 12go websites have a guaranteed departure with a minimum of 2 people, so if you are alone, you cannot book the first seat on the tour. Once two people booked, you are free to book for one person. In rare cases we will have a guaranteed departure with a higher minimum number of people. In case this minimum number of people is not met one month prior to the start of the group tour, we will get in touch with you to resolve the situation. We will of course return you your money if that is your wish, but we will also try to offer you an alternative. 

Starting your own group

12Go websites offer you the unique possibility of starting your own group tour, with your own program. We will send you an offer for this tour, whereby the price per person is lower if more people book on this tour. You are required to book the first two seats on this tour and make a down payment of 200 euro (or its equivalent in another currency) per person. From then on you can invite friends, family and others onto the tour. The tour will be open till one month before the start. Till then, people can book on your tour, provided there is still place. Everybody who books on the tour pays 200 euro per person (or its equivalent in another currency) as a down payment. You or 12go can put a maximum number of travelers on the group. One month before the tour starts, booking will be closed. You, and all others who book the tour agree to pay the price per person related to the total number of people booked at that moment. 

 Example: tour start 20-10-2020

Tour cost per person 2-4 people 900 euro per person, 5-8 people 700 euro per person, 8-12 persons booked costs 600 euro per person. On 20-9-2020 a total of 8 people booked on your tour. Everybody is now required to pay 700 euro (minus down payments paid and apart from a single supplement in case someone wants his or her own room). 

So once booked you agree to pay a maximum of 900 euro in case no more than 4 people book on your group. 


Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges under the terms of your travel insurance policy. Claims must be made directly to the insurance company concerned.

We will need some time to confirm your booking as we have to contact hotels, drivers, guides etc. to make sure that everything is in place. This can take a couple of days, a bit more if you have booked a tailor made booking with us. We will send you a confirmation as soon as it is all done. Sometimes, but not very often, we will not be able to confirm (a part of) your tour. In that case we contact you to see how we can work this out. If you do not agree with the proposed changes, we will refund your payment in full. 

Please note we cannot guarantee requests for specific hotels because we sell from a small specially selected pool of hotels. This means that if one hotel is full, we are able to offer another of equal standard. 

Once you have received your booking confirmation, please check this carefully and contact us immediately if any information which appears on the confirmation or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later. We regret we cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracies. We will do our best to rectify any mistake notified, but you must meet any costs involved in doing so. Some tours involve local flights. Spelling mistakes can mean you cannot fly, so please make sure it is all correct. 

You book your own intercontinental ticket to our destinations, which if fine, because you can probably do it cheaper than we can. Please make sure that we have your flight schedule at least two weeks before arrival at the destination airport. When you book your ticket, make sure that, in case of an overnight flight, you book a ticket departing on the date before the date the tour starts. If you come in one day later, nobody will be there at the airport to pick you up. 

If you want to change your booking, we will try to do so, but are not obliged to. We will send you an invoice for the changes, including a service fee, which you need to pay to make the change possible.

Changes in prices

The world is a volatile place and we have to deal with a lot of fluctuations in currency value, sudden price rises of petrol, taxes or airport fees, which can result in a surcharge if you have not paid the tour in full yet. 

Special requests, medical conditions and disabilities

If you have any special requests, maybe due to medical conditions or disabilities, please ask us before you book if we are able to meet those requests. If you book without advising us up front we cannot guarantee to meet your request, resulting in disappointment or even cancellation of your tour at your cost.  While you can, of course, contact us about this through phone, skype or the social media, the actual change request has to be sent to us by the party leader from the email registered in his or her profile. 


You are required to have your tour covered by an appropriate personal travel insurance, covering at least medical expenses including repatriation, death and personal injury, loss or damage of personal belongings, personal liability and legal expenses. You must also ensure that your insurance will cover you in respect of the activities you intend to undertake, particularly those of a hazardous or unusual nature, like diving, gliding, motor biking, climbing, etc. You will need to give a copy of your insurance to the local representative and have one on you for yourself, including a 24 hour medical emergency phone number. 

Your travel sum is guaranteed

In order to make sure your money is safe in case the local tour operator has financial trouble, you pay your travel sum directly to a foundation (Stichting 12goSafe, whereby the word ‘’stichting’’ is the Dutch word for foundation, as the foundation is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) that keeps the money in trust and only releases it on the last day of your trip. Only then will the foundation release the money to the local tour operator. In the unlikely case of the local tour operator running into financial trouble, the foundation will use your payment to organize your tour with another local tour operator. 

Changes and cancellation by us

We design and plan our tours months in advance and sometimes local circumstances force us to make changes. We will let you know of course, explain them to you, but are under no obligation to compensate to you if the changes made due to factors beyond our control. If, for instance, a train ride is cancelled due to a strike, we cannot be blamed for it and you will need to pay for the extra costs to get you to your next location there and then. If (a part of) the tour is cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control, we will do everything to provide you with an alternative, without being obliged to do so. In case of a force majeure, we are entitled to cancel the tour without compensation. Example: if due to a volcanic eruption an island cannot be visited, we will provide an alternative, but the costs are for you and can normally be claimed with your insurance. If a major hurricane strikes days before you arrive, we might have to cancel your trip entirely, without compensation. If you do not arrive within 36 hours of your trip, due to a strike of your airline, the tour is cancelled without compensation. These are rare events, including riots, the threat of war, epidemics, closure of borders by authorities etc. They can happen and for this you need a good travel insurance. 

Trouble and complaints

Of course we are passionate to give you a great, hassle free travel experience and you can expect from us that we deliver as experienced travel professionals. Should you feel things are not up to expectation, please notify as soon as possible the local representative, because the longer you wait, the more irritating it gets and the less time we have to do something about it. If your complaint is not dealt with properly there and then, please send us an email stating the complaint and we will do what we can to remedy. If in the end, your complaint is not dealt with adequately, we hereby apologize for it. Please send us a mail with all the facts and we will propose a compensation for your claim. Compensation can never exceed the sum paid for the booked tour. 

Any loss, injury, illness or death, complaint resulting from acts or negligence by you or members of your party will not be considered by us for compensation. In fact all damages following from these acts or negligence need to be paid on the spot. The same goes for the consequences of breaking local law or customs. We expect our travelers to be respectful of the local culture and customs and when in doubt, ask before you act. Optional activities or excursions which do not form part of the booking are undertaken entirely at your own risk.

Passports, visas and health requirements

Your passport and in some cases visa and vaccination certificates need to meet the requirements of the destination country or countries. You are responsible for these documents and need to inquire about rules and regulations directly with the embassy of that country and take enough time to do so. Failing to do so, will result in the cancellation of your tour without compensation. You should ensure that you travel with a passport that is at least 6 months valid at the end date of your tour. 

Our destinations are different

Our destinations are different, our type of travel is known as ‘soft adventure’. Your own standards of comfort, safety and cleanliness might not apply to parts of your tour. In some places life is very basic, like in the Nepalese Himalaya’s, the Amazon or while on some safaris in Africa. Access to the internet, even electricity are by no means standard everywhere. Insects might bug you, downpours might disrupt your travel. Please read about your destination and set your mind to it that travel does give you a lot of beautiful experiences but also things that you do not like. Be understanding, patient and flexible and you will have a lot more fun than when you apply your standards to environments that cannot handle it.