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Frequently Asked Questions


Does 12go have age restrictions on the tours?

To travel independently with us you must be at least 18 years of age. Children over 12 years can travel on all our tours accompanied by adults. If you want to travel with smaller children, someone with an impairment, disability or medical condition, please contact us before you book. The same goes with the elderly. In general people over 80 years might have difficulty on our tours, some earlier. Make sure you checked with us before you book.

Are airport transfers included? Who will meet me?

Most of our tours start with an arrival transfer to your hotel, but to be sure, you need to check the details of the tour. A person will be waiting with your name written on a board to take you to your first hotel. You are responsible for providing us with your flight details, meaning flight number, arrival date and time. Departure transfers are usually not included and can be locally arranged at additional cost through your local contact or you arrange it at your last hotel. Just in case something goes wrong with the transfer, you should keep a copy of your booking which provides a 24/7 number to call your local 12go contact.

What kind of transportation can I expect?

You need to check the details of the tour to know this, but in general we have private transportation as a basis and sometimes public transportation, like a train, bus, airplane or boat.

What type of accommodation can I expect?

In general we use comfortable, in mid-range hotels, lodges or guest houses. We try to stay as much as possible in smaller scale locally owned accommodation as this will give you more of a local flavor. Some promotions might use simpler hotels, but check the details of the tour. Accommodations are not always as organized as the world wide hundred room plus hotels, so keep that in mind. Accommodations can vary by country and region so please consider that standards can be different from what you are used to in your home country. Some tours include camping, or basic lodgings, especially in remote areas. Look at the tour of your choice for more details.

What kind of luggage should I use?

We recommend you use a medium size suitcase on wheels or bag on wheels with a maximum weight of 20 kg. You will have to carry your luggage at times when leaving a train or an airport and sometimes when checking in and out of hotels etc.

What things should I pack for my tour?

Pack as light as possible without missing the essentials. Look at the tour of your choice for more details and a short checklist. Look at the kind of weather and temperatures you might encounter as well as the kind of activity your tour holds. For hiking you will need the proper kind of shoes, a hot desert requires light cotton shirts and a hat, etc.

What should I book first? My flight or my tour?

While you probably decide on a tour before you decide on a flight, it is best to look for flights before you book a tour, because it can save you a lot of money if you book early, fly a day earlier or later than you were planning or if you find a promotion. In general we will be able to get your tour confirmed, but for peak seasons, check with us first. Where we offer small group tours, we advise you to first email us, asking for an option on that tour and we will hold seats for a few days so you can figure out your flight and then let us know and book with us. Don’t forget; when you book an overnight flight, your tour starts a day later than your flight departure date! Need any help? Check with our travel advisors, we are there to help you!

How do I get my travel documents?

All our documentation is sent to you by email and can also be found on your personal page when you log in at the website. Shortly after we receive your (first) payment we will send you your initial documents including a confirmation invoice and detailed trip notes. Shortly before you go on tour with us and after you have made your final payment, you will find some final documents in your mail box with more specific information like hotels names, etc. As a sustainable company we try to avoid paper as much as possible, but it makes sense to have your itinerary with hotels and telephone numbers with you on a print out, while on tour.

Is it possible to make adjustments to the tours displayed on the website?

Yes. Go to the home page and select ‘’create your own tour’’ and let us know the exact tour you would like to do. We will come with a proposal very soon after you filled out the form. A small warning, we have a lot of great tours designed to give you a great experience at a great price. Designing your own tour is almost always more expensive.

Can 12go sent me a brochure?

No. We do not have brochures. It is bad for the environment to print a lot of stuff and it makes your trip more expensive.

Can 12go arrange my visa?

No, this is something you need to do. If you want help, mail us and we will provide you with a link to a visa service in your country. But it is you who is always responsible for having the right travel documents. If you want to have a quick check of passport, visa and health requirements, go to: www.iatatravelcentre.com. Fill in the form and you will know. This is based on the same database the airlines use to check if you are allowed to board!

Can I use internet at the 12go destinations?

In general you will have internet in cities and towns and less so or even none when in the mountains, rural areas, over water or in nature. So make sure you do your communication when you are in a city of town. Maybe you will be lucky to see a wild elephant and still have internet, but don’t count on it.

Can I use my mobile at the 12go destinations?

In general you will be able to connect to a local mobile phone provider, but be careful, the costs can be outrageously high, so make sure you know! Mobile networks usually cover cities and towns and less so or even none when in the mountains, rural areas, over water or in nature. So make sure you do your communication when you are in a city of town. Maybe you will be lucky to see a wild elephant and still be able to phone your family, but don’t count on it.

How about money? Can I use a credit card at the 12go destinations?

Go on tour with a bank card, a credit card and some hard cash like euros, dollars or pounds, etc. Don’t exchange these hard currencies for local currencies at the airport if you can avoid it. It is expensive. Better try getting some cash with your bank card from an ATM. Credit cards are now accepted almost everywhere. Make sure you have the pin code of your cards, because that is required in more and more countries. Sometimes the pay machine will ask you to pay the amount in euros or dollars and not in the local currency. This is usually a lousy rate, so take the option of paying in your local currency. Make sure you do have local cash with you, which you can take from an ATM with your bank card, which is cheaper than with your credit card. Especially in small shops, on markets and in out of the way places, your credit card might not get you very far. You can also buy things a lot cheaper with cash than with credit cards. Use your hard currency more like a back-up in case there is a problem with your cards or systems are down. In general you can exchange this cash cheaper with local money changers than with banks or hotels.

What about tipping?

Tips are never included in our tours and tipping is at your own discretion, but remember that it is an important part of the income of guides, waiters, drivers and other people that are active to make your tour a great experience.

What is the exchange rate of the local currency?

Let us connect you to a great website for that: www.oanda.com. You can get daily (indicative) rates of all currencies pitched against all others!

Do I need a travel insurance?

Yes, in fact it is mandatory that your tour is covered by an appropriate personal travel insurance and you will need to give a copy of your insurance to your local contact, including a 24 hour medical emergency phone number. It should cover at least medical expenses including repatriation, death and personal injury, loss or damage of personal belongings, personal liability and legal expenses. You must also ensure that your insurance will cover you in respect of the activities you intend to undertake, particularly those of a hazardous or unusual nature, like diving, gliding, motor biking, climbing, etc.

Which vaccinations do I need and what other things should I prepare for?

You are responsible to find out about required or recommended vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis. A great website to give you all the details per destination that you need is: www.iamat.org. Scroll down to find a world map and click on your destination. It is a great site, with lots of health advice you can also book travel insurance there.

What electric plugs do they have where I go?

There is a wide variety of electric plugs in this world and also different voltage. What would we do without the internet: a complete guide per country is available on this website www.kropla.com/electric2.htm